Smileycons 6.01

Smileycons helps us add many assorted icons to several applications

Smileycons is a freeware utility that helps us add many assorted icons to a lot of applications (Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, MSN Messenger, Hotmal, MSN Groups, AIM Mail, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Groups, and many more. From the program interface, we can access the icons that are organized by categories: Miscellaneous, Happy, Sad, Love, Gold Sampler, Communication, Signatures, Famous Quotes, Love Quotes, Compliments, and Proverbs. In fact, this program does not only show the standards emoticons but much more. We can also create an icon for our Internet Explorer Toolbar from where we can easily access the program. It lets us create profile for our most used application, such as MSN Messenger, and straightaway drag and drop smiley, emoticons, signature, quote, etc. to our messages.
We can use the free program forever, but if we are interested in adding new icons and make changes to the existing one, we must purchase the registered version with much more features. For example, in the free version, we can create our own handwritten signature by drawing it with our mouse in the Signature Editor Panel. In order to save our signature for later use (copy and paste in any document, e-mail message, etc.) the program must be registered. Registration also means free updates, downloading hundreds of smileys, emoticons, animated images, adding our own collection, etc. Smileycons runs under Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 OS.

Review summary


  • Free
  • No spyware/adware
  • It is very easy and simple to use


  • Version 6 is not free for Windows 98/ME users, but they still can use version 5
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